Grand Canyon GigaView #19 Bass Camp



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Lower Bass is a choice camp. The gradual incline of its huge beach invites gaming and relaxation. The jutting fins of Vishnu Schist form hallways which lead to the groover or a sunny shower spot. The late evening sun and morning shadow all make for a lazy camp. We were joyous to find that the veteran raft guides on a private trip in front of us had decided to leave us the best camp at Bass, as they had at Nankoweap, as they had a Crystal. They knew that we were hoping for a lay over day at Lower Bass and they had camped at the less desirable Upper Bass, despite having gotten to Bass first. Grand Canyon GigaView is a new school virtual tour of the Grand Canyon created with a collection of GigaPan images taken on a private rafting trip in April 2010 and geolocated in Google Earth. Explore the journey Search for it here on or dive into the day by day trip report at the link above. Enjoy & please share with your networks! Thanks for your interest in my work. Thomas Hayden
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Date Created 7/27/2010

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