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The title says it all, Daffodil photgraphed in macro focus for the majority of the shots. Battery died before finishing the shoot but we'll see how it turns out. :)

Note to self:

* The sidewalk synthed best out of all the objects in the scene. After that it was the moss and dirt. The actual subject matter didn't seem to synth well at all. Perhaps it's a lack of color contrast between the green and yellow of the daffodils?

* The macro shots did not seem to synth together with the normal focus shots. The normal focus shots all synthed together.

* Despite using the same settings, the macro shots did not synth with eachother. My suspicion is that there were not enough angles to tie them together, rather than any particular disadvantage of macro photography. The only true disadvantage to these shots was that the background was out of focus, and may have hindered synthesis...
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Date Created 3/24/2009

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lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
KrisWood, hard subject with the yellows and greens. They seem too close in contrast to me. I was a newspaper photographer back in the 80's so I always think in shades of grey & black & white. Sometimes I still see the world as an old movie!

have a look at my passion flower test

In this case I had plenty of colour and shapes for the synther to grab hold of. I want to re-shoot again this time getting in even closer for more detail.

Keep shooting while zooming in, then go around a few times geting closer each time............Then hit it with the macro!
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