Cup of tea



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Date Created 7/8/2009

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Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Photosynth liked the serviette. :)

Beautiful shots of the tea, by the way. I love photography of liquid.

I keep wanting to see someone synth dye that's been dropped into a container of water/colourless fluid. The way that it splashes outward when first dropped in and then hangs, largely in stasis, seems perfect to synth and like it would yield a fantastic point cloud. I'm thinking something like this ( ) in point cloud form.
pope_luke Over 1 year ago
I experimented a bit with the possibility of doing such a synth, but I found that regular food dye in water can't work. It spreads out way too fast, and if you let it sit for a bit to calm down, it mostly just keeps spreading slowly until it's evenly dispersed.
The only thing I can thing of that might help is using some kind of thicker more viscous liquid, but I have nothing like that to experiment with, and nothing in particular comes to mind. It is certainly a wonderful idea. If only we could find a chemist of some sort that might help us out with the prep work.
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