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It's Christmas Eve. In Sweden this is a more important day than Christmas Day. Here Santa Claus delivers the presents this day. He either has placed them under the christmas tree before the children have woke or comes with the presents in the evening. It depends on the schedule for the year. Today the temperature is quite mild, 14F/-10C. The day before it was even milder, 32F/0C. It can often be -4F/-20C this time of year but we have been blessed with warm winds from south this beginning of the winter..........Of some reason Santa Claus often comes when dad has gone out to buy the eveningpaper and is gone when dad's back and dad has never a paper with him.!!!
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Date Created 12/25/2011

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marblemom Over 1 year ago
"Near Our House" is absolutely gorgeous! It is my favorite! I gotta learn how to do this!
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thank you! That's warming in the winter.
Patience, thoroughness and methodical are the words I believe if one don't have a robotic camera mount type.
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