Horses on Parade: "Lasting Impression"



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It was a wet, partly cloudy day when I set out to image this horse as part of Picture the Impossible. This fiberglass horse was part of Horses on Parade in Rochester, NY, in 2001. The horse is located in a small garden outside of Margarets House Day Care Center on the Rochester Institute of Technology campus. Painted by Robert C. Whiteside, the horses colors have now faded slightly, and in many places the paint is scratched, cracking, or chipping. I felt awkward taking my 131 pictures of the horse, as I got many weird looks, and I felt like a creeper hiding in the bushes with a camera.
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Date Created 9/12/2009

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madeeds Over 1 year ago
Hi, Corky. Consider changing the starting image of your synth to this one:
Or something else that's in the front and has a halo available. Also, could you geotag it? Congratulations!
Corky1023 Over 1 year ago
No idea how to change the starting image. And I'm pretty sure I did Geotag it. Thanks!
Corky1023 Over 1 year ago
Changed the first image and the geotag was already there.
madeeds Over 1 year ago
Awesome. Thanks.
Baylee.Goodrich Over 1 year ago
ok sooo , what is a photosynth ??? i wanna learn (:
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