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A retrospective of Pat Genternaar-Torley’s paper art titled “Paper Magic”. The exhibition is on display from 21 February to 31 March 2009 in the Municipal Museum of Rijswijk , the Netherlands.
This posting is part of 4 postings covering the different “Paper Magic” exhibition rooms in the museum.
The postings are called:
Paper Magic – Part 1 – Main Exhibition Room
Paper Magic – Part 2 – “Hall”
Paper Magic – Part 3 – First Garden Rooms
Paper Magic – Part 4 – Second Garden Room Exhibition Room

For further information and more detailed views of the art and artist see
For information on the Museum see:

Paper’s natural organic structure caught Pat Gentenaar- Torley’s attention in the beginning of the 70’s. Often working with fibers on a flat sheet, but sometimes working three dimensionally, she has discovered a whole world of paper. Paper is not just an image bearer, but has become the image itself.
For the organic and often watery subjects, it comes naturally for Pat to work using water and plant fiber: live subjects using live material!
After studying at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Pat moved to the Netherlands in 1971. Together with her husband Peter Gentenaar, she started exploring the many possibilities of using paper pulp to create art works.
Over the years, Pat developed a very personal technique of painting with paper fibers in an aqua solution. Using coloured pulps, Pat pours thin, often “see through”, layers of pulp, next to and on top of each other, shaping them as she goes along. As water drains down, Pat works with the front of the painting on the surface of the vacuum table gradually building up pulp layers to the back and then finishing with a layer of hemp pulp (for strength and longevity) followed by a layer of cotton pulp to act as a cushion for drying on a board.
When you see the pieces, it is very hard to believe that the illustration is created with paper fibers, not with paint brush or pencils.
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