Gunung Kawi, Bali



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The reliefs and artificial caves known as Gunung Kawi constitute what is perhaps Bali's most impressive "ancient" site. This complex is most commonly interpreted as two groups of 11th-Century rock-cut candis (memorial temples dedicated to the memory of dead kings) accompanied by several clusters of cells used as dwellings by the monastic caretakers of the candis.

This synth shows the row of monuments on the eastern bank of the Pakerisan River. For the most part, these photos were shot in two sessions on seperate days, using a c. 2003 Olympus compact digital camera. I have also included two scans of older film slides.
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Date Created 4/8/2009

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Trowel Over 1 year ago
I intended to copyright (c) this; please treat it as having that license.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Great synth. And thanks for the details and the geotag.
Trowel Over 1 year ago
Thanks! It's a shame the final photo in the last row of the 2D view didn't "synth," since it's the only one with a human in it to give a sense of the scale of these monuments. This photo and the one to the left of it are the two scans from film slides.
CliffBreedlove Over 1 year ago
very nice
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