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These photos of the street party that broke in in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood after Barack Obama's victory were taken by Michael Holden -- Great shots Michael!!
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Date Created 11/6/2008

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KevinH Over 1 year ago
While you didn't spell his name correctly, I love this synth. Go seattle. I've added it to my blog of interesting synths here:
KevinH Over 1 year ago
Whoa, I was smoking stupidity about the spelling. Ugh, and to think I voted
Scott Over 1 year ago
I'd love to know where this was taken!
KevinH Over 1 year ago
Scott, I think it's the corner of Pike and Broadway, it was right next to my place and I think i recognize Quinn's in one of the shots :-)
K Over 1 year ago
Yes, it must be Pike and Broadway, the Comet Tavern is in one of the shots.
Nathan Over 1 year ago
Photosynth documenting history!
stlombo Over 1 year ago
These pix are in front of the comet tavern. I think this is where the party started, before it moved one block down to Broadway and pike where it grew out of control :-) i've never seen anything quite like it actually - the cops blocked off the roads leading to the intersection which allowed the party to grow and grow. people were drinking in the streets. partying. popping champagne. incredible to see such a collective smile and sigh of relief.
Julian Over 1 year ago
Nice, I was standing right in front of the Comet when this bus rolled by. I was thinking the people standing on top of Neumo's had a good view -- now I can see it!
Peter Over 1 year ago
This is awesome - I was also also over on the corner near comet.
houdan Over 1 year ago
No wonder why I heard a lot of people hanging outside my building till very late at that night.
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