I-50 Colorado Mile Marker 256



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This is a beautiful spot along the side of interstate 50 in colorado, close to Echo, CO on the map. I picked this location because it was a great valley where you could see the horizon on either end, it has the 2 rock formations in the center, the mountain across the river has an interesting texture where I think they've scraped away the side of it, and the river is easy to see.

A better camera and a brighter day would make for prettier pictures, but this worked very well, achieving 100% Synth on my first try! Woohoo! I suspect the snow actually helped with the Synthing because it highlights the textures.

I'll probably take other areas of my trips up and down I-50, but I think I'll wait until it gets warmer.
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Date Created 2/10/2010

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Oh yeah. You nailed this one.
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