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Mosaic created with the professional version of buy it it's awesome!

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Cardrona Valley, The Cardrona Hotel (Est. 1863) is one of New Zealand's oldest hotels.

The mosiac is made up of all photos I have taken which are online at

Update: I have made another mosaic of Singapore which is 6.6 Gigapixel
Megapixels 815.76
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Date Created 3/31/2010

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krismcg Over 1 year ago
Wow, a deep zoom mosiac panaoramic PhotoSynth!
Nigel_Parker Over 1 year ago
BlueHippo Over 1 year ago
LOL very clever.
GoBeyond Over 1 year ago
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Pfff. Right on, mate. =)

Interesting choice to go with ICE for uploading this. Does the synther not like such large resolution stitches?
K Over 1 year ago
well done! how did you stitch this?
jafa Over 1 year ago
@Nathanael, I went with ICE to get the panorama effect. I'm not sure if the regular uploader lets you upload a single image.
jafa Over 1 year ago
Also @Nathanael the photosynth uploader outside of ICE can't upload images larger than 32 MB so it would need lots of cuts to make a large mosaic.
douglas Over 1 year ago
Awesome. How did you get ICE to upload this since it requires 2 or more images?
jafa Over 1 year ago
@douglas build a big image and split it in half in a way that ICE can re join it using the rotating motion view.
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
awesome concept and great execution. Well done
jafa Over 1 year ago
My blog post about this is at Over 1 year ago
A little late to the party but I also wanted to chime in and say this is great.
Also, I really like how one of the small images is a flipped version of the original image :)
CamPest Over 1 year ago
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