Mechelen from Brussels (20 km away)



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Mechelen is a beautiful historical town in the province of Antwerp located 20 km North of Brussels. I shot this pano from the 34th floor of the Brusilia building in Brussels, from which many Mechelen landmarks are visible on clear days.

This pano captures the belfry of 15 Mechelen churches (including the Cathedral of St. Rumbold), four watertowers, and another 6 churches further away (including the 38 km far church of Ranst).

It is a stitch of 17 photos shot in a row on a clear but cloudy summer evening, using a Nikon D7000 with a 600mm f4 lens and a x2 teleconverter. The ICE stitch was reworked and uploaded with Photoshop.
Megapixels 110.79
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Date Created 6/6/2012

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Clockarium Over 1 year ago
How do you manage to get crisp photos at such a distance?
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Three conditions are needed:

1. The right equipment: very long telephoto lens, very sturdy tripod...

2. The right weather: clear but cloudy, otherwise the sun heats the air which creates blurrs.

3. A lot of time and patience:
- Before shooting: the right weather conditions are rare...
- When shooting: you have to wait for the sun to lit the subject, then take several photos to get one really crisp
- When processing: a lot of photoshop work is needed to remove the haze...
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