Mauna Loa Calderas



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This was never really intended to be a synth. Several of us hiked to the summit of Mauna Loa (13500' ASL) from the USGS station (11000' ASL), and I brought my kite aerial photography rig to do panoramas once we got to the calderas.

Unfortunately the weather turned foul, the clouds closed in, and my camera was rained on several times during the flight. So distant features tended to be washed out, and the upper parts of some of the frames were blurred by water drops on the lens. Nonetheless this set of pictures synthed ok, even if the transitions between frames are a little on the weak side.

All my gear made it back ok, and all the people on the hike did as well. Batteries are all charged, kites are dried out and re-packed, and people are rested and fed.

Ready for the next trip!!
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