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A quick try using my six-year-old daughter in her Mulan facepaint. Nikon D3 on continuous low shooting mode, walked round the front of her in a two-three second burst.

Not exactly the "Matrix" effect I might have half expected. More bafflingly though, despite being taken in a pure sequence, when I press the "play" button it doesn't play the pictrures in sequence, which massively spoils the effect.

Using "." will show you the images in the sequence I took them and is more like the effect I had in mind.

Overall verdict: I'm sure it's really clever, but, er, what's it for?
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Date Created 8/30/2008

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Scott Over 1 year ago
Hi Damian, the play button walks through the Photosynth Tour, which is computed when you synth the photos. The tour is optimized to give a good sense of place, rather than in strict time sequence. In the future, we hope to provide the ability to edit and/or choose the order of the tour.

With respect to what Photosynth is for, it's for sharing new visual experiences of the places and things you love! It doesn't work as nicely on people as places just yet, although this particular synth is a very nice example. Next time your daughter is in her facepaint, you should go to your backyard and take about 200 photos, go all the way around her. The point cloud will be amazing!
Drew Over 1 year ago
I have a six year old daughter, but have had trouble getting her to sit still long enough to synth. I might have to give the continuous shooting mode trick a shot!
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