Candles for All Saints (draft) Nov 5th



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I added draft becaus the images did not turn out as intended.
On saturday between Oct 31 and Nov 6 we have the holiday called Alla helgons dag (All saints day) when we light candles at the graves and at memorial places. That's a custom all over the world of course.
Since 15 years back we've imported something called Haloween :-), when children masks as Freddie Kruger or Edvard Munch's The Scream and shout something like "prank or candy". Fortunately merchants have attracted the kids away from decent people with open stores til 9pm on the thursday before, so we can breathe.
The pano consists of four rows with 16 images i each. After shooting the first row I happened to change exosure from 1/2 sek to 1 sek wich made the picture lighter than intended. And the two upper rows is out of focus in spite of my efforts so i was not sure to upload the pano. But the lighter picture shows how the cemetery looks like and the upper half out of focus makes it look like a picture with the focus closer to to the photographer so I let it go. My intention was that the candles should look more like dots. I thought of darken the whole image but I changed my mind.
When the most candles were lit on saturday evening they glow the best on sunday evening but then it was foggy. It was foggy also on monday afternoon but later it cleared up. As the candles burn for about two to five days I brought camera and tripod with me when I had a short space of time to make the pano therefore it became a little sloppy. I'll make a new try next november.
Lens 18-105mm at 75mm
Settings: ISO-1600, F/6.3, 1 sek,
Megapixels 411.40
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Date Created 11/6/2012

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