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Sergio Salgado Dirzo, Melanie Kehoss,
& Rebecca Erbstoesser

Three multimedia artist use daring color to
explore nature, culture, and the imagination.

Sergio Salgado Dirzo
Stylo Libre
Freedom is part of all of us, part of every artist. Art is all work and all play, without strings attached, without any rules. My work is whimsical, dominated by the bold colors of my Hispanic heritage. Through invention of a complex pictorial vocabulary, my art involves a transformative process of visualization into pictorial illusion.

Melanie Kehoss
Melanie Kehoss’ multi-media tableaux showcase moments shared in modern rituals, from the mundane to the sublime. Kehoss’ finely-cut paper and pattern work reference folk tradition, yet these miniature worlds are decidedly contemporary. Inner illumination brings her light boxes to life, making the nuanced, culturally loaded images literally glow.

Rebecca Erbstoesser
Drifting along the fertile sea beds in peaceful floatation…I come upon a subterranean dreamscape, a world of beauty. Cool and weightless, I mingle among the aquatic citizens of the Great Astrolabe Reef, off Kadavu Island, Fiji. My heart and imagination expands to thoughts of hope. This frontier, foreign and yet so familiar, inspires me to view our world above and below the horizon as one community.
All nature is to be preserved…it is up to us.
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Date Created 11/25/2011

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