Where Is Waldo?



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Auto exposures. Waldo and Beacon. G10 and Arduino controlled robotic pano head
Gigapixels 1.15
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Date Created 10/10/2010

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Sweet. I'm surprised that your robotic head resulted in that little sky gap. Did you use "New Structured Pano" in ICE?
maxrottersman Over 1 year ago
I've tried the structured pano on another set but couldn't get it to work right. I'll try on this one later. Thanks! If it works, my next question will how do I replace this? Or do I have to just delete and re-post?
maxrottersman Over 1 year ago
I couldn't get it to work on this one either but think I know why. I was lazy in my pan/tilt algorithm. The robot takes images in columns, and each column starts from the bottom. I didn't program it to efficiently use a "serpentine" method. So I need to do that. Then I think the structured pano will work for me.
rosangen Over 1 year ago
Nice! Very sharp and clear image!
HDView Over 1 year ago
I'm surprised that you haven't been using structured panos. The structured pano dialog supports both "Serpentine" and "Zigzag". The start at the bottom of every column method that you describe is what we call "Zigzag". So, you should be able to use the current structured workflow?
Majide2009 Over 1 year ago
Just started with this and the possibilities are amazing.
Carmen4594 Over 1 year ago
I love the half cyclist to the left :-)
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