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This is a 150 gallon tank with a starfire (optically clear) glass font panel. I've always been way into plants and animals, and can't seem to get away from the saltwater aquarium hobby.

This tank has been setup for 2 months, and was a scaleup from 30 gallon system. Sort of my dream tank and I more or less tore apart my living room (stairs used to be where the tank is) to make an ideal spot for it. Some details are in this project log (http://www.clubswam.org/forum/index.php?topic=4214.0)

I'll try and make another every 6 to 12 months since corals grow surpisingly fast. Most of the coral were captive raised. A room behind this contains plastic bin to grow out coral frags and funds from this help defer the cost of the hobby as well as ease the burnden on the oceans. The warcoral highlight shows the concrete plugs on which the fragments are glued. My favorite highlight is the acan rock.

Thanks for the votes and views. Real surprised so many folks have looked in such a short time. Happy viewing. Know that climate change is real and that we need to take action to save the reefs and all the life they sustain.

I liek small fish and there are about a dozen or so less than 1.5 inchers in here,. 15 fish total I beleive. I didn't capture pictures of too many of them.

Have fun viewing. Matt
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Date Created 1/2/2010

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madeeds Over 1 year ago
Very nice tank synth.
Jonathan Over 1 year ago
agreed. Beautiful.
CoralHead Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the comments. It is a very young tank. 2 months old. Finally got a big tank. I estimate that >75% of the corals in this tank are captie raised.
maine_snowmaker Over 1 year ago
Sweet synth! Almost like being there. Much better than a static, 2d photo!
Rick Over 1 year ago
This is really nice, especially with all the highlights and small objects.
Naydu Over 1 year ago
is very beatifull
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