California Redwood National Park Giant Trees



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Date Created 7/27/2010

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Kmel517 Over 1 year ago
This is how they are! I used to live in them.
Gwain52 Over 1 year ago
I suppose you have to do this kind of thing on a day that is virtually windless. To capture the feel of standing in a forest cathedral, a 360-degree synth would be really nice. Obviously, a motorized camera mount would be virtually indispensable for that purpose. More optical zoom and megapizels would also be highly desirable, particularly of the canopy. I wonder if Photosynth can handle multiple shots of wildlife in the canopy taken throughout the day at maximum zoom to create a kind of menagerie effect. That would be really cool! I once saw a TV show about naturalists who went up into the redwood canopy to study the flora and fauna living within it. It might be a good idea to look someone like that up to get tips on what to look for and shoot, at what times of the day or year various critters can be expected to be in residence or visiting, etc.
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