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Houghton Falls protects a picturesque pre-Cambrian sandstone gorge along the Lake Superior shore. The dramatic sandstone cliffs extend into the clear waters of Lake Superior, affording views of the Apostle Islands. The gorge is shaded by second-growth hemlock, yellow birch, white cedar, along with a few, large white pine. Along the upper canyon are cliff shelves that have protected, and still support Canada yew, a favored shrub of deer. At the north end of the ravine, overlooking Lake Superior, a series of sandstone points dominated by white and red pine, drop dramatically 15 feet to the water. A stream meanders through the site cascading over the exposed sandstone before descending over 60 feet into a rippled sandy cove at Lake Superior. Upstream is Echo Dells, a series of water-carved rock cliffs and caves interspersed with small waterfalls and a forested footpath. Echo Dells supports dense stands of hemlock to the south with yellow birch and mountain maple common. The understory includes intermediate wood fern, common polypody fern, long beech fern, thimbleberry, wood sorrel, and small enchanter’s nightshade. Houghton Falls is also critical to numerous wildlife species. The waters off Houghton Point serve as a fish nursery and habitat area that contributes to the importance of the Chequamegon Bay as a fishing destination. The site is also important in maintaining unfragmented, undeveloped Lake Superior shoreline that supports many resident and migratory birds including bald eagle, marlin, least flycatcher, veery, wood thrush, and Canada warbler. Houghton Falls is owned by the Town of Bayview and was designated a State Natural Area in 2010.
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HDView Over 1 year ago
Great spot! Could you add a geotag so that this shows up on Bing Maps?
aarongunnar Over 1 year ago
I did geotag it, so it should be there. I think you must've viewed it shortly after I uploaded. Thanks for the comment!
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