"Ashland" - The Henry Clay Estate



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The Henry Clay Estate is one of Lexington's treasures. The estate is on a large, beautiful lot near the downtown area of Richmond Rd.

This synth is close to a virtual tour of the estate, lacking only the garden, and the interiors of the main structures. I am disappointed that the score is not closer to 100% as it seems like some of the pieces should connect. For some reason the bell beside the groundskeeper's cottage just would not get recognized. Also, I was just a couple of shots away from connecting the civil war monument, which is in a remote spot away from the main sites. As you move away from the rear of the house you can see where i turned left to head to the civil war monument, but it just did not connect in the synth.

My favorite part is the dairy cellars which are the conical structures to the right of the mansion. I took these photos on a hot August afternoon when the temperature was around 90F and amazingly it was 50-60F in the cellar. You can actually walk into one of them in this synth.
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Date Created 8/24/2008

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stschoener Over 1 year ago
This is a wonderful complex synth. You can really walk around that place!
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