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The Boxer - a photographic study of David Croft, Head instructor and Martial Arts Expert, at the Bradford Thai Boxing club, by James Glossop The Times Young Photographer of the Year 2008.
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Date Created 8/20/2008

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Don Over 1 year ago
Press Ctrl + mouse drag to explore the point cloud on this one.
thpdg Over 1 year ago
Amazing. You've got a very helpful model there too!
Frantic-Gardener Over 1 year ago
Brilliant, another great way to play with your own photos. Well done Microsoft!!
Rick Over 1 year ago
Wow! Probably my favorite synth to date. It's really immersive, the 360 rotation and point cloud work great, and it's nice to see a little movement as you move around.

Congratulations, from one of the inventors of Photosynth.
Marth Over 1 year ago
I cant see any if these anybody know why?
I downloaded photosynth so thats not it. Thanks for the help!!!!!
mattr Over 1 year ago
Awesome synth - great work...
Pilchard Over 1 year ago
That is simply superb. Well done to all involved. Seeing such a detailed point cloud really shows the potential for true resynthesised 3D imaging.
BlueDragon Over 1 year ago
lol, it is nice
uzi_92 Over 1 year ago
Nice ..i like it...
heynicejacket Over 1 year ago
this is a truly fantastic synth. the pointcloud is intense. bravo!

if you flickr, check out and help further the art!
Duran Over 1 year ago
I really like it.
euamito Over 1 year ago
n da
marius.fanu Over 1 year ago
really nice work
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