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This was my first naive test of Photosynth on a grand scale. I made a quick grab in my photo archive for anything that looked related to my old school's campus and accidentally included a few shots of a sports tournament held elsewhere as well as a few photos from another facility, ITF.

I knew, even at this stage, that the ultra low resolution of many of the photos taken on the ground with the earliest digital cameras from the Journalism class held so little detail that they held little chance of sticking to the higher resolution photos, but at this point I was simply curious. Being optimistic or cynical is all well and good but nothing beats an actual process of testing.

Not long after I made this synth, I learned that although Photosynth uploads the full resolution photos to the web to view, it actually uses 1.5 to 2 megapixel versions of your photos to perform the image feature extraction and subsequent matching. This is because unleashing the Photosynth image feature algorithm(s) on the full resolution photos would yield far more details than the average personal computer is capable of holding in memory while Photosynth compares them all to each other in order to arrange the photos. Using smaller versions of the photos means that we can match more photos together, providing we supply photos which actually share common features.

What I realized after this synth was that I could crop out 2 megapixel details from higher resolution shots and when they are synthed, their detail will remain in the image feature detection and matching phases. Because of my lack of photos of the area and the extreme unlikeliness of getting any photos to fill in the gaps between those currently in my possession, this method could, at the least, serve as a way to ensure higher accuracy and a higher synthy percentage among the aerial photos. I did a few preliminary tests using this method, the only remaining example being my 'Further Attempts at Synthesis' synth.

For the time being, connecting ground shots to aerial shots will require new photos to be taken, preferably better quality than what is used here.

All of the above aside, this still serves well as an incredible photo gallery as long as you have a broadband connection. Switch to grid view after you've gotten into the photos which don't really match any others and zoom in and out to your heart's content.
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Date Created 9/2/2008

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
If anyone has any photos of Numonohi, I'm going to be building an archive of photography spanning its history and I'd love to have your photos to add to the mix. I prefer the highest quality possible, so in the case of very high resolution scans of prints, negatives, or slides, I may need to make arrangements with you to ship me the images on CD or DVD. Please email me at nathanael.lawrence@live.com if you have any photos or video to contribute.

I certainly want to attribute all contributers and it should be noted that the aerial shots above were taken by Donnell Trostrud and many of the other shots by various members of the Journalism classes of 1999 and 2000.

Thanks in advance,
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