Duplication Test: Same Image, Compounded Artifacts



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A test to determine what effect simple compounding JPEG compression has when the same photo is given to the synther multiple times.

This synth was made from an original photo, a second "copy" of it made by opening it in an image editor and resaving at maximum JPEG quality (which still throws away some data and changes the pixels' values), and a third "copy" which was made by opening the second image and performing the exact same open and save with the least amount of degradation that is possible when using JPEG's lossy compression.

The results are not what I predicted. In fact, although the synth has a score which leads one to believe that all three images belong to the same pointcloud, it can be seen by using the spacebar or 'Next' icon, that each image has its own points carried with it... essentially one pointcloud per copy of the image.
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Date Created 2/12/2010

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Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Contrast this synth with one using identical pixels three different times: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=36ea0c15-bde3-4427-b783-e491dd41ee8a
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