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OK, so not every 13 year old girl has a room this decorated, but my niece certainly does. Check out how much amazing hand-made stuff she's got here. This was shot by a hand-held point and shoot in about 5 minutes. The room was fairly dark, so I had to crank up the ISO. Hence the noise when you zoom in. THANKS R!
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Date Created 7/17/2008

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blaise Over 1 year ago
*Awesome* synth. I hope this is a taste of things to come. For every Eiffel Tower and Petra, there must be a million intimate spaces and things that loom large for a handful of friends. Go forth and synth!!
FragFrog Over 1 year ago
Amazing synth! There's just so much detail, so much to see (I think your niece is there at least partially in one of the shots) - perfect!
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