Hitching Stone



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This huge erratic boulder, which is thought to weigh about 1000 tonnes sits high on moorland to the west of Keighley, West Yorkshire, England. Many folks believe this to be the largest erratic stone in Yorkshire and others are brave enough in believing it’s the largest in England. The stone towers over the surrounding landscape and is a boundary marker between the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, as well as the current townships of Sutton, Cowling and Keighley. It also resides on old ‘wapentake’ boundaries which may derive from the Norse word vapnatak (weapon take) which is a meeting place. Lammas festivals which celebrated the 1st wheat harvests of the year may well have been held here from Anglo Saxon times until the last one was recorded at end of the 19th Century. Some also believe that bowls on the stone are cup marks belonging to the ‘cup and ring’ tradition dating to 3500-6000years ago, although these may well be natural in origin. One of the most intriguing aspects of the stone is a hollow or tube which runs through the stone, possibly created by a fossilised tree or large fern. On top of the stone, is a huge bowl almost bath size which is permanently filled with water. The area around this stone has obviously been an important for thousands of years and as you’d expect, many a folklore connected to giants and witches abound this stone.
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