Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden



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A tour of part of the Sculpture Garden on the National Mall in Washington, DC. This is our first attempt at a Photosynth. We'll get the hang of it.
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Date Created 12/6/2008

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Great start "Smithsonian"! You've chosen a pretty ambitious first synth -- many photos, quite a few "objects", and some occlusion by big structures. The result is not as easy to navigate we we'd like it to be, and one of the *most* important things the Photosynth team has to do in 2009 is make the navigation better so that people can go where they want to, rather than get jerked semi-randomly around the scene as they do now. Right now, we are great at geoemtrically simple environments. Here's one very successful synth that I did at the Met last weekend: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=801210e4-f321-4fac-bf53-f74737f6b936
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