Adel St John the Baptist



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Adel St John the Baptist church is said be one of the best examples of Norman architecture in Britain. Although, alterations have been made throughout the ages. The church is thought to have been built around 1150 and probably replaced an earlier wooden Saxon structure. There are 37 grotesque beakheads on the Chancel Arch (inside), some of which are pretty gruesome. If you like to see carvings of babies being eaten, cannibalism, devils eating horses then this is the place to come. The Adel Sanctuary Ring (door knocker) which was cast in York around 1200 could be found on the door until recently. Sadly, after 800yrs someone decided to thieve it in 2002 and the one you see today is a copy. The inside is spectacular apparently, but I couldnt get in.
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korean Over 1 year ago
It looks so nice.
the birds carved above the door are an eagle?
PGRic Over 1 year ago
I’m not entirely sure, could be a mythical creature.
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