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My boyfriend, Sir_Ivar, and I were fortunate enough to get permission to check out this amazing and unique pallet of rock art discovered by Jim Zintgraff. According to the Rock Art Foundation, this scene depicts the flight of the shaman to the land of spirits and his metaphorical death and rebirth are a message from the past about humanity's quest for solutions to life's mystery.

This is truly an experience to behold, with the vibrant colors and huge drawings nestled into a small cave overlooking a gorgeous lake at the bottom of a canyon just west of Seminole Canyon State Park in Del Rio, Texas. To get to the site is a 250' steep descent into a narrow, rocky, brushy canyon and roundtrip is approx. 1.5 miles.

Unfortunately, we didn't have our good camera, so the pictures taken are not as crisp as we'd like to get in future documenting excursions.

Anyone wishing to visit the site can contact the non-profit Rock Art Foundation ( http://www.rockart.org ) about one of their twice a year tours.

My boyfriend, Mark Willis (sir_ivar), has some truly amazing synths from some different sites he's documented...if you're interested check them out, as well. :)
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