Mount Rainier Aerial



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This synth was created by combining the photos David Gedye and I took during a flight around Mount Rainier just after sunrise on July 9, 2010. David did the wide angle shots while I concentrated on the details.

Be sure to check out the point cloud on this one!
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Date Created 7/14/2010

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Aluronny Over 1 year ago
Would just like to tell you about what space there was on the shynten of rainbow in Norway. I have one that is Geotag from the site in Norway.
inside Aluronny you can find many series from the Vega and around the island 20pissatrengt% 20av% 20% C3% B8l

it is apselutt a necessity to take a trip to Nordland in Norway :) lots of lovely scenery.
vega that these images is made in, contains ca6500 islands, islets and reefs, this is just one of many municipalities that this magnificent scenery.

Please contact me if you find and travel to this magnificent place within,
Aluronny Over 1 year ago
Good pungt cloud, I have also some that were fine.
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