Original Seadragon Office



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This is where the original Seadragon team worked before and after the Microsoft acquisition.
I took these when Photosynth was in its infancy so the synth is less than perfect. I've added highlights for the team and some cool spots. I'm not in any of them since I was behind the lens.
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Date Created 11/19/2009

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blaise Over 1 year ago
This brings back lots of great memories. Hard to believe it was only 3 years ago. *So* much has happened!
Thanks for putting this up, Jonathan.
You can tell by this point we'd gotten serious, since we'd retired the bed and put in a conference table :)
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing this, Jonathan. Very cool to see your old digs.

I always wondered what that mousepad said. =)

P.S. Are all the images from your Seadragon Loft Deck synth in this one?
Jonathan Over 1 year ago
yeah nate, i think all the deck photos are in there.
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