Scary bridge in the Himalayas



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The scariest bridge I have ever crossed while on a trek deep in the Indian Himalayas. It consisted of a couple of saplings and branches, lashed together with twine and balanced on rounded boulders.

If you fell.....well I'll leave that up to your imagination!
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K Over 1 year ago
Oh my word that is terrifying!
Nathan Over 1 year ago
At least you were on belay.
madeeds Over 1 year ago
... that way at least they wouldn't lose your body.
Jonathan Over 1 year ago
I think Tony added this to his list of places to go.
Kanchendzonga Over 1 year ago
The rope was more for psychological protection. If one of us fell in the river there wasn't much of a chance against that current.....
eah Over 1 year ago
the bridge was not tied down just "balanced on round boulders"? amazing - gotta send this to my son he loves climbing
MaryNETT Over 1 year ago
Wie gut, dass die Brücke gehalten hat. Ich wäre nicht drüber gegangen. Das gruselt ja schon beim Hinsehen !
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