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Megapixels 81.29
Views 25
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Date Created 11/13/2010

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NateLawrence Over 1 year ago
Well done! You may value your privacy, but if this is something you don't mind people finding, you could geotag this panorama by clicking the [ Edit this Photosynth ] button, navigating to the [Geotag] tab, searching for the correct location, dragging the pushpin to the correct area, and clicking [Save].

You could also go the extra step of geo-aligning the panorama to be rotated to the correct orientation on the map and its size correctly overlaid on the map.

When you save this information, anyone who has the Photosynth app open on Bing Maps can discover your panorama or synth directly on the map. It's quite empowering to have such a simple way to put high resolution imagery of anything you please on the map for the benefit of your community.
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