Salisbury Village 360°



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I tried to capture 360° coverage of this scene, but I was operating the camera-pointing KAP rig via remote control with no feedback. The kite held the KAP rig in the air several hundred feet away from me, so I was never sure where the camera was pointing when I triggered the shutter. There is full 360 coverage, but also some missing horizon and lots of unneeded overlap. And the rig doesn't point low enough to capture the nadir so there is a hole in the bottom of the half sphere.

The 32 photos in this image were captured during the same 80 minute flight that produced this 200° view:, which was stitched from 20 different photos. Although I was sending signals to point and shoot the camera for 80 minutes, the camera turned itself off after an hour. That last 20 minutes is certainly not the only time that day when I mistakenly thought I was accomplishing something of value. When the rig landed, the SD card was not full, and the battery was only half discharged, so I don't even know why the camera stopped. KAP always delivers surprises.

ISO 100
Shutter priority at 1/640 sec.
focal length: 28 mm (eq)
manual focus at infinity
32 10 megapixel photos
Stitched in MS ICE
Megapixels 97.20
Views 57
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Date Created 10/25/2011

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