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I got this funny idea while looking at my tree one night. Of course, since I now look at everything with the duality of "real life" and "point cloud", I noticed that in the dark, my Christmas tree is already a point cloud! If I simply took enough pictures of the tree, the lights alone would recreate the point cloud that they already are! Funny, eh? It didn't work out as well as I thought because of the blur that the lights cause, and the fact that half of the tree blinks on and off every few seconds. Anyway, it's close enough =)
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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I can totally relate to 'I now look at everything with the duality of "real life" and "point cloud"'. :)

Regardless of whether it was quite what you were hoping for the point cloud *is* very much beautiful. If there's a setting on your lights to have them stay on solidly, rather than blinking I think I'd try it the next time you've got a tree decorated. You might even through in a tripod just for extra clarity. I think that the result would be absolutely spectacular!

Give me a shout if you give it another go this year.
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