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Vertical stitch from UAV, still getting the hang of this synth thing but impressed so far.
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Date Created 3/6/2010

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
These aerial synths of your are stellar stuff! Photosynth is a tad mixed up at the moment as to which way is down (not your fault), but if the Photosynth team can give you a hand, this ought to be able to be geo-aligned very nicely, once the pointcloud lays flat on the map.

I have no idea how much longer it will be before we are able to see our synths with official Bing Maps imagery behind them, but when it happens, these photos of yours will be exceptional.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the way you're doing things now, + I realise that your options may be limited but I'd be interested in seeing the results of your camera looking out the side of the aircraft so that it looked at the ground at roughly 45 degrees, especially when circling a subject.

I'm not sure how feasible that is aerodynamically or balance-wise, nor how difficult it is to not get the wing in the shot when the camera is pointed towards the banking wing, but if it's possible, give it a go.
GaryMortimer Over 1 year ago
Thanks for your kind words.

I will try that tommorrow. I was talking to my mate Mike today about trying that, and then doing a big circle. We might even be able to do one orbit with the camera almost flat then tilt it a bit then another orbit, then tilt again and so on and so on, from a simple circle you could cover a heck of an area.
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