View from the top of San Jacinto Peak



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Date Created 12/15/2012

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vincent.virgilio Over 1 year ago
Nice reminder of my days at UCSD. We'd go to the desert, and this was one of the destinations. I think you go through 5 climactic zones on your way up to the peak, IIRC. (Wasn't there a tram somewhere?)
irinadubonosova Over 1 year ago
Прекрасно до головокружения!
InsGadget Over 1 year ago
Только не смотрите вниз, это всего лишь 3000 метров или около того!
InsGadget Over 1 year ago
Vincent, yes there is a tram that comes up from Palm Springs. I came from the PCT, did a thruhike of it last year, 2012. Had to summit San Jacinto while coming through, even though it was off-trail. The drop from the top down to Interstate 10 was pretty insane too. 25 miles, decent amount of snow near the top, then switchback hell. Oh, and some Africanized Bees near the bottom to chase you down the trail. Fun place.
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