Granada and the Alhambra



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This is a late afternoon view of Granada (Andalusia, Spain) and its Alhambra from the viewpoint "Mirador San Nicolas" in the Albayzín district (see a sunset view of this viewpoint at

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada on the top of the hill of the Assabica on the city's southeastern border.

Construction started during the mid 10th century by the Berber ruler Badis ben Habus of the Kingdom of Granada in al-Andalus. Later, Islamic palaces were built for the last Muslim Emirs of the Nasrid dynasty.

After the Reconquista by the Catholic kings in 1492, some portions were used by the Christian rulers. Notably, Charles V added a palace within the Nasrid fortifications in 1527.

The Alhambra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

See my pano of the Alhambra shot from the same viewpoint

- at sunset:
- at dusk:

This is a pano of 7 photos shot hand held using a Nikon D800 with a 28-300mm zoom at 68mm. It was stitched with ICE then reworked and uploaded with Photoshop.
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