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After an 'unscheduled get-off' last fall, I had to have my 2004 Yamaha FJR1300 repainted this winter. I took the opportunity to re-paint it to the color I wanted - black. The orginal "Cerulean Silver" was nice, but I have always prefered black. So here it is, along with some custom decals, including the reflective ones on the bags. They reflect very well at night. There is a little silver metal flake in the paint, which gives it some interesting highlights in direct sunlight. Very pleased with the way it came out. Hope you like it too.
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Date Created 5/2/2010

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sixthsynth Over 1 year ago
Great paint job...I would like to know about the paint type(s) and especially how the saddle bag boxes were done. Decals, specially the lower ones, are nifty.
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