Mr. and Mrs. Cargo in the Gazebo.



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My buddy Kevin got married a few hours ago. This panorama was, for me, a wonderful way to finish an amazing day. The couple was not taking a respite, rather, The exposure was 20 seconds long... and they had to hold their breath, not move or blink because they were at ease.

New friends, old friends, great locations... The EverythingConnects team pulled out the stops today... 5 photographers, 1 0s of thousands of still images for time lapse images... panoramas. Heather Rose, our newest Artist and Collaborator did an amazing job... I learned a lot watching her work... Matthew on Data Management and Logistics. Audrey on still images and detail shots, Sonjia on time lapse and Gopro footage. Thanks everyone!
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Date Created 4/29/2012

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MagiView Over 1 year ago
Amazing pano, Garret. It is just amazing that you shot it at night!
A 5***** favorite!
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