Yellowstone Lower Falls 2004



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Many of these pictures were taken with the hope that they could be stitched together into a nice panorama. It only took four years for the technology to come along to make it happen.

When I put these photos into PhotoSynth I wasn't sure if I had enough coverage to get 100% Synthiness, so I am quite pleased that it worked out so well.
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Date Created 8/23/2008

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woodsky Over 1 year ago
Love the detail when zoomed in, and the feel of almost being there.
spyboy Over 1 year ago
You didn't have to wait 4 years, you could have stitched them with Autopano Pro, but to view them in 3D space, yeah, that's worth the wait :)
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Fantastic. I didn't see this 6 months ago, but just noticed it on our new geobrowse page ( Well done!
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