Our house close up and some neighbours 300mm Oct28



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A sunny day at the end of October when the village people are out and sunday walking. The sky was cloudy at 12:00 but I saw it was clearing up. I rigged my gears and was ready when the sun broke through. One rule I've breaken in this pano is that it is a really bad composition, but I wanted to get a reference to other houses. Today (Monday) we have just got 10 cm snow. Let's see if we can keep it. The last snow disappeared one day after.
The colour of oue house is called "falu red colour". It is made of cupper, iron ocher, water, wheat flour and linseed oil. It's the iron ocher that gives the colour and is matt and more dark blood like than in the sunlit picture. After 5-10 years you brush of the colour with a broom before repainting.

The style of the house is called hälsinge style, and is most common in this county, Hälsingland. It's a log frame covered with standing boards that lock each other. In between is traditionaly saw dust but today it's rockwool. Windows with crossbars and white corners. Gable roof I think it's called with tiles wich originally were wooden.
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Date Created 10/29/2012

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MacGyverBE Over 1 year ago
I really like the colorful houses.
One question; I noticed the face of the girl with the German Shepherd is blurred; did you do that or did that happen automatically? If it happened automatically that's great to protect privacy and good to know for any future personal uploads!
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thank you for your reflection. I've blurred the face of the girl before stitching. In Sweden we have a discussion about allways have a permission before we publish pictures with people. I Took the safe way.
HarasPlessis Over 1 year ago
Super house, Lassehybo.
And outstanding pano - congratulations! Favorited...
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thank you for the nice words, HarasPlessis It's wonderful how the simplest pano can bring the most joy. I just walked 200 meters from our house and shot what I see everyday. Nevertheless I'm thorough when rigging my equipment
oodelay Over 1 year ago
Very Nice! Looks like Quebec!
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thank you Oodelay! I believe even though Hybo/Ljusdal is 15 degrees more north than Québec (ca 1500km) we have the same climate thanks to the Gulf Stream. We are blessed that way.
ankorot Over 1 year ago
Interesting! thanks!
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