Café de Antaño - Farewell Gala! (flashless)



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SUBDUED TONES (no flash fotos)

Café de Antaño, located in Orlando, FL, is a wonderful little gathering of Latin culture. Sadly, after many years of contribution to and support of the community, this hub is closing:( But the people and spirit will surely remain and continue to gather where and when possible:)

Que disfrute del synth:)

NOTE: Well, not as impressive as "Café de Antaño - Farewell Gala! (full night)... WOW!", but does complement it nicely. The soft images suggest the intimate nature of the evening:)

There's only one relatively big clump (i.e. group of connected fotos), plus 4 small ones (of just 2 to 4 fotos), and 15 stray, loner fotos. That's what ya get sometimes, I guess. Perhaps it works better as a foto album than a synth environment.

There are a few notable fotos, including an interesting coincidental flash in the background of Jose taking a foto of friends, a nice "embrace" shot, a ghostly dancing Lorna, a "thru the window" famed composition, plus some other incidental "social" shots.
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