Yellow Banks (with highlights)



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I made this on a short backpacking trip on the Olympic Coast in 2008. This was shortly after I joined the Photosynth team so needless to say I took a TON of pictures :) The weather was gorgeous, it was in the 80's on Friday when we got there, very rare for the Pacific Northwest.

This was my first ultralight hike, base weight was around 10lbs not including my camera, food or water. Look at my other synths to see the poncho shelter and beer can stove I used. I carried a Canon G9 for this trip. It's an excellent camera but next time I'm bringing the D90 for sure.

The point cloud for this synth is cool, not because of it's density but because the beach is 0.8 miles long and I captured the photos while walking it.
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K Over 1 year ago
One of the highlights of this trip was the excellent water: :) I was so focused on hiking and taking photos that I got a little dehydrated and I had to drink all of this even though there was clearer water down the beach.

Another highlight was sleeping ultralight style under a poncho for the first time. I didn't get enough photos of the poncho set up on the beach but here's a link to a synth I made in my yard while practicing setting it up:
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Was that your campsite at the end or were you just some creepy guy off on the beach taking photos of strangers? :)
K Over 1 year ago
Yes, that was our campsite. I'm pretty sure I tried to connect the beach to the campsite but didn't get enough photos.
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
I actually really dig the point cloud. Especially that of the huge downed tree on the beach
M-arcus Over 1 year ago
Very nice synth!
sastay Over 1 year ago
Hi K

Congratulations, impressing synth. One question: Since you are member of the Microsoft team - have you carried out any manual processing or was this synth generated fully automatically, i.e. if I'd upload the same pictures shown here, would this tool create the same point cloud and, hence, synth?
K Over 1 year ago
Good question sastay. No special processing here, I made this using the same synther that everyone else has. Trust me, if we had something better we'd release it! :)
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