Eton College: Long Walk



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The Long Walk is the space in front of the main school office at the centre of Eton College. The main door through to School Yard is shown at the start of this synth.

Opposite the Long Walk, on the western side of the Slough Road is the Burning Bush, an antique lamp-post conveniently positioned right in the centre of Eton and hence often used as a meeting point.

This synth shows the area around these two landmarks including the front of two boarding houses, School Hall and the School Library.
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Date Created 8/17/2008

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Jaredh_2012 Over 1 year ago
very beautiful, but its more impresive when you hit the "p" key and then you can fly and it is like your walking there.
dan_marsh Over 1 year ago
I can only see a funky 3D model made up of points. Are there meant to be photos or not?
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