Courtyard of the Wawel Castle



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The royal castle on Wawel Hill was the seat of Poland's kings for many centuries. This 16th century Renaissance courtyard is one of the highlights, although some of the interiors are spectacular as well.

We visited Krakow in 2004 with my parents and kids, and this is where I first started shooting collections of mutually visible panoramas. You might say that this was the world's first proto-synth. :-)

Note that the shots under the arcade don't currently synth together with the rest of the photos.
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scz Over 1 year ago
This is a fine set of pictures - but it isn't the Collegium Maius. Your Collegium Maius I is correctly labelled, but this set is of the courtyard of the royal palace at Wawel.
Rick Over 1 year ago
Scz: thanks for catching this slip, which I hadn't noticed in 5 years! I was wondering why I went back and shot the same scene twice, and hadn't even noticed that they were quite different in appearance.

I've updated my title and description.
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