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This is my dad's house, featuring his ham tower. he is W0QL and would be happy to entertain questions about his tower or his radios. (http://www.w0ql.com/). I've just started him on PhotoSynth, but he has one of a 360 view from about halfway up the tower. (http://photosynth.net/userprofilepage.aspx?user=w0ql)

This is my 3rd PhotoSynth object, and I'm THRILLED with the results! Be sure to check out the Point Cloud (and drag on the arrows to move it around and really see the 3D effect), and go to the overhead view, too.

There are 2 things that didn't work well. It didn't connect the garage to the rest of the house, because the trees on the side distracted PhotoSynth. I can probably fix that with some more pictures. As expected, it didn't really sync the rotation of the tower. It's really connecting the clouds above the tower, because that's where all the texture is.
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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I especially enjoy selecting the 'Tower 2' highlight and then the 'Front' highlight. The transition is very cool.
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