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It's just a Banana.

Press "P" for 3D view!
Synthy 98%
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Photos 130
Date Created 8/23/2008

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Drew Over 1 year ago
By far the best banana synth so far ;-)! Do a search for banana and you can see another 113 photo synth of a pair of bananas which is a close second.
K Over 1 year ago
Way easier than hitting 'P' is just holding the Ctrl key down while grabbing the halo. Amazing!
stringcraft Over 1 year ago
VERY ahh, peeling.
sebasfour Over 1 year ago
Its a Costa Rican banana!!!! how was it!??
sebasfour Over 1 year ago
No way... a colombian one..... you should try to synth a costarrican one.... better model hehehe!!! Excelent job!!!
inBerlin Over 1 year ago
Was good! Thanks.
rbmalm Over 1 year ago
The point cloud on this one is especially fun to look at. Good work.
carlhenrikson Over 1 year ago
haydenhibbard Over 1 year ago
This synth is bananas
Lenry Over 1 year ago
Great Photosynth,

The point cloud is amazing.

spider805 Over 1 year ago
I nearly reached through my monitor to grab that fruit. This is fantastic!
nutterguy Over 1 year ago
That point cloud is amazing. Good job!
Odd-and-Even Over 1 year ago
Do not let this one "slip" past you.
CoryRS Over 1 year ago
I did a banana synth too. Someone told me this was my competition, but this isn't even the actual banana. You did a great job.
Canuck117 Over 1 year ago
WOW. Agreed, great point cloud. 130 photos?! I have to step up my game...
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