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This is my equipment for panophotographing.
The synth is not especially good but I hope it can be of some use.
These images may not solve anyones problems but may poosibly give some ideas how to make own sollutions.
I have my Nikon D90 since two years and will be there as long it works. Than I have my new Dörr A4 Alu, a butget priced
robust tripod. As a tripod head I have the 30 years old german videohead of an uncertain maker.
The scale for pointing up or down is put on a slice of the plastic lid of a colourbucket. The scale for rotating is put on a bottom part of a colourbucket. All wich are attatched to the videohead with screws.
I find 30% overlap functional as it crops away eventual vignetting and distorsion. It also gives ICE something to work with if there are moving objects in the images and ICE does that well.
The scales make it possible to shoot without looking in the viewfinder for each exposure. I'm not comfortable with using live view. It also makes it possible to go back to a certain position and shoot an alternative exposure if somethig interesting appears in a certain square.
Than it's only patience, a thermos hot coffee, some sandwiches and hands free on your cellular and it's only to shoot.

Camers used for this photo session: Sony Cybershot WX7 compact camera set in portrait mode.

Of course; if I want to make a 360 spherical pano I have to remove the atached scales as they are going to be in the way.
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