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Date Created 8/20/2008

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IanMikutel Over 1 year ago
Absolutely love Photosynth, thanks for letting me know about it. I'm excited to do this at sporting events. Things like golf, basketball, the Olympics maybe...
clamping Over 1 year ago
Interesting coffee table reading material ;-)
Lina Over 1 year ago
Lovely baby and I like the red wall too! Pretty good job.
yaponi Over 1 year ago
very nice!i cant wait to try this out.
LarZen Over 1 year ago
Good job! Realy liked the synth you made. And the resolution was so high! I know now you have a Sony tv,Xbox360,Playstaion3. You have alsow a iPod, you are prob a bussines man or IT worker since you have book's and magazines about that. A son that is at Harvard it seams?

And the list goes on :) Hope I didnt scare you now...just loved all the details and the information these pictures gave me.
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I remember this synth. It's almost been two whole years. Where does the time go?

Is your Channel 9 guy still lurking around? Was he out already or did he make a special appearance for the synth?

In any case, thanks for the coverage through the years. I remember your interview with Gary Flake back in the day at O'Reilly Web 2.0 2006. I always love it when you catch up with the Bing Maps guys.
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