Café de Antaño - Farewell Gala! (full night)... WOW!



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Café de Antaño, located in Orlando, FL, is a wonderful little gathering of Latin culture. Sadly, after many years of contribution to and support of the community, this hub is closing:( But the people and spirit will surely remain and continue to gather where and when possible:)

Que disprute del synth:)

NOTE: I must say, this turned out EXCELLENT, and w/ several nice surprises! It's like no other synth I've seen. The 75 fotos span a 6 hour period (10pm - 4am!). I was there, so I know what I'm looking at, but I hope you, too, get the sense of celebration and joy. Hit the PLAY icon, or better yet, step thru using SPACEBAR/Shift_SPACEBAR to allow time for the full-res images to appear. There are some amazing, and unexpected transitions.

JALEO! (Spanish for "lively, loud party!") The night's festivities included live music featuring many musicians, singers, and instruments (guitar, 10-string 'cuatro Puertorriqueño,' violin, congas, bongos, even a scraped percussion 'güiro' ), plus poetry reading, speeches, dancing, singing, clapping, food, drink, smiles, big card signing, even a couple birthdays! And more!

The stitched environment has some interesting "unnatural" pans with people "next" to each other, but from different times in the evening. I think this just adds to the appeal of this synth.

The more I use Photosynth, the more I'm convinced that 100% synthiness is not necessary, or even desirable for a successful synth experience. I would love to see added: hotspot info pop-up and hyperlinking (within the synth, and externally), and image captioning to name a couple that have come to mind.

So, I'd love to hear what you think!...
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